Why training your staff to become coaches can bring about a lust for learning and a passion for growth.



Sophie Mitchinson from the University of Edinburgh Business School signed up to take part in our Accredited Award in Coach Training in the summer of 2022.

Since becoming a certified coach, she has gone on to provide coaching to her MBA students to support their growth and career prospects and has discovered a passion for learning and development through coaching, adding to her skillset with a Strengths Profile certification.

This case study focuses on Sophies journey into coaching and how becoming a coach with ThinkEQ has transformed the way she works with her students.

Why did you decide to train as a coach?

I had been facilitating group coaching for nearly four years when I first considered training to be a professional coach. I loved coaching students, but I wanted to take that next step and be able to facilitate more in-depth coaching conversations with my coachees and to help co-create more long-term changes. I was also conscious that coaching was something that I took a lot of energy from and so I wanted to pursue opportunities that would allow me to learn more and improve as a coach.

Why did you choose ThinkEQ?

I chose ThinkEQ because I had previously been introduced to Kirsty through her work at the University of Edinburgh Business School and I really loved her enthusiasm, so I quickly identified her as being someone from whom I wanted to learn. I really liked that the course had a virtual learning environment and there was a clear focus on building a coaching community, which I loved.

What did you think of the AACT Training Programme?

I had such a positive experience with the AACT Training Programme and enjoyed being able to learn alongside such a supportive community of coaches. I enjoyed being able to learn how to structure a coaching programme and how I could better support my coachees through new tools and techniques. I have particularly liked using vision statements and reflection logs because they have allowed me to understand what my coachees want to achieve and what they have learnt about themselves in pursuit of those goals.

What have you been doing since your training?

Since my training, I have been working with my Foundation client, which has been a great opportunity and I’ve really benefited from being able to apply the frameworks that I learned throughout the course. I have also completed training in strengths coaching and am now an accredited Strengths Practitioner. Over the next year, I am looking forward to continuing to develop my coaching skills working with Masters students at the University of Edinburgh Business School, as well as defining my own coaching approach through drawing on my research in positive psychology and identifying the possible overlaps with coaching theory and practice.

What advice do you have for someone thinking of coach training?

I would encourage anyone who is thinking of Coach training to just go for it and sign up because coaching is a skill for life, and it will always serve you and those around you. The course itself is also a great opportunity for self-reflection and a chance to positively challenge your mindset and your way of thinking, which I know I really benefitted from!