How a life changing coaching experience led one L&D expert to pursue her own career as a Professional Coach.



Kathryn Humphreys joined our Accredited Award in Coach Training Programme in Autumn 2021.

After becoming exposed to the power of coaching throughout her L&D career, Kathryn decided to gain her own coaching qualification and joined our Accredited Award in Coach Training programme.

This case study looks at Kathryn’s journey and how becoming a coach with ThinkEQ has transformed her own coaching practise and business.

Why did you decide to train as a coach?

I was involved in a project with some fantastic coaches, designing a digital product to support people navigating tricky career inflection points. Working with them opened my eyes to how powerful coaching can be as a catalyst to meaningful change in people’s lives and careers. It felt like a natural progression and complimentary service to the learning design and consultancy I offer.

Why did you choose ThinkEQ?

Having been inspired by the coaches I was working with; it was only natural to ask for their recommendations when choosing a coach training provider and Think EQ were top of the list. It was great to have the opportunity to speak to Kirsty before making the decision and she was able to help me decide whether it was the right choice for me at this point in my life. I was particularly drawn to a provider that offered the opportunity to practice coaching beyond the programme and give something back to society at the same time, in the form of the Foundation.

What did you think of the AACT Training Programme?

It was fantastic. The small group live sessions created a super supportive space to practice and learn from your peers, alongside Kirsty’s expert teaching. I appreciated the way the course was structured, with time between live virtual sessions for home study, practice, and consolidation. I felt this helped embed the learning far more than if we’d done it as a 1-week course.

What have you been doing since your training?

I continued to develop my coaching skills with a couple of Foundation clients in the 3rd sector, which has been a valuable learning experience and had helped me put all the good teaching into practice. I’m continuing to grow my coaching practice, both as an associate with Think EQ and in my private practice, Glint Learning and Coaching.

What advice do you have for someone thinking of coach training?

It’s a fantastic skill to develop, whether you are looking to become a full-time coach, use it to compliment an existing skill set like learning & development or counselling, or simply find better ways to lead and manage your team. Think about what it is you want to develop your coaching skills for and then choose a training provider that aligns with your values.