At ThinkEQ, we bring about change using positive psychology methods and tools. To enhance the coaching and training experience, we use the dynamic ‘Strengths Profile’ and scientifically-validated ‘EQ-i 2.0/360’ tool. Sample reports are here.

EQ-i Sample Reports

EQ-i Workplace Report

Frederick Sample

EQ-i Leadership Report

Philip Sample

EQ 360 Feedback Report

Mariana Felicita

EQ-i Group Report

EQ Edge Consulting

Strength Reports

Expert Profile

Sample Report

Team Profile

Sample Report

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Manager Profile

Sample Report

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The Emotionally Effective Leader

Building Emotionally Effective Teams

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100 Ways to Use Your Strengths

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From fledgling employees to experienced leaders, Think EQ offers ongoing, sustainable and measurable EQ coaching to create highly effective teams and better business results. Please get in touch discuss how we could help your business to achieve more