ThinkEQ Terms and Conditions of Service – Coaching and Coach Training

ThinkEQ is the trading name of Coaching Direct which operates as a Limited Company. The sole Director is Kirsty McWilliam. Other coaches, supervisors and trainers work on an associate basis and are all fully qualified and insured to act in this capacity.


A coaching or training session may be carried out over the telephone, via Zoom, MS Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype or similar, or in person at a mutually agreed place and time during the period.

Duration of Sessions

The length of your coaching programme and the length of each session will be decided upon at the outset from the individual or ogranisation purchasing the programme. This may be changed by mutual consent. You must be on time for all sessions, whether these take place using the telephone, online or in person or your session time may be reduced and not compensated.

Session times

Should you need to change a time of a session, this should be done with at least 24 hours’ notice using the appointment booking link or directly with the coach via email. A coaching session will be deemed to have been held if less than 24 hours’ notice is given. In the unlikely event that your ThinkEQ coach has to cancel your session then the session will be rescheduled at an agreed time.

Engagement of Coach

We shall arrange to provide the coaching to you during the period at mutually agreed times and places. We shall use our best endeavours to make your coach available for the entire period. Should this not be possible, we will arrange, with your agreement, for an alternative coach to provide the service and that coach will therefore assume the terms and conditions of the Coaching Agreement.

Training of Coach

Each of our coaching associates has trained as a professional coach through a recognised and accredited coach training organisation in the United Kingdom. We declare that our coaches have their own professional indemnity insurance and are capable and experienced to perform the coaching activities they are contracted to deliver. All coaches at ThinkEQ are registered members of the Association for Coaching and adhere to the set of Global Ethics and Competencies. Every coach at ThinkEQ is supervised by an accredited coach supervisor and, as part of their development, must complete a programme of continuous professional development each year.

Payment for Coach Services

Payment will be by bank transfer unless otherwise stated. Payment will be in advance at an agreed date or upon receipt of invoice.

Preparation for Services

You agree to take responsibility for all actions set during the coaching Session. If these actions are not carried out, then the coach will have the right to terminate the agreement.

Coaching Methods

You acknowledge that coaching sessions may be personally challenging and at times, could be emotional. You must make all efforts and schedule the sessions at such times as you feel you are ready to participate in the session. You are responsible to cancel any session should you not feel you are either mentally, emotionally, or physically ready to continue. ThinkEQ will not be held liable for any loss or cost incurred by you (or anyone related to you) in the event of mental, emotional, or physical stress or distress caused either directly or indirectly in relation to the coaching sessions. You shall indemnify us in the event of such claim.

No Warranties given

We make no representation or warranty to you that any of the coaching methods or sessions will work for your circumstance. You will not hold us responsible for the failure (in whole or in part) to achieve any of your goals. All tools used are at the discretion of the coach and no rights or warranties are given for their effectiveness. Intellectual Property Rights

You have no right to use or reproduce any of the processes, techniques, presentations, methodologies, precedents, and/or materials (“Materials”) used by either your coach or ThinkEQ as a training provider. You must not at any times use or reproduce the Materials in any manner, shape or form (except for you own personal use) and shall ensure that none of your servants, agents or any related bodies or corporate contacts use of reproduce the Materials in any manner, shape or form. You shall indemnify and keep us indemnified in respect of any loss or damage caused and sustained by us in the event of your breach of this paragraph.

Confidential Material

As part of the services contracted, we may need to obtain your personal details or confidential materials in relating to you personally. We shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that such materials shall not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. Please refer to the Privacy Policy on our website for further details.

Coach is Independent Contractor

ThinkEQ coaches are independent contractors. You acknowledge that we have been engaged by you solely as independent contractors. At all times, we will act as an independent contractor and have no authority to bind or represent any other party in any other way. You shall not hold any party liable for any act, matter or thing done or to be done by us in the course of the coaching or training programme.

Termination of Agreement

ThinkEQ may terminate this agreement before the end of the period on written notice to you if:

  • You fail to perform or observe any of the terms of this agreement and fail to remedy within 5 working days of a notice from me to remedy that failure,
  • You fail to perform any term of this agreement, which is incapable of remedy,
  • An insolvency event occurs and there are outstanding monies due for coaching or training services; and
  • You fail to adhere to the payment terms of the agreement. You are deemed to have failed to the payment terms if, on notice by me, it is not corrected, and full payment received within 5 working days of said notice.

You may terminate this agreement if the matters raised in paragraphs 1 & 2 are applicable to me. Either you or ThinkEQ may terminate this agreement by mutual consent.

Interest on late payment

If you fail to adhere to the payment terms owing under this agreement then you shall be liable for an additional interest on this payment of 10% per annum on all monies outstanding, calculated on and from the date on which the monies where due to us. Such monies together with interest owing shall be a debt due from you to us.

Training Programme Clause:

ThinkEQ is a training provider accredited by the Association for Coaching. We are also a certified training centre for the EQ-i2.0/360.

A place on one of our accredited coach training or EQ certification programmes is secured with payment in full or with a non-refundable deposit of £200+ VAT, with the balance due 4 weeks in advance of day 1 of your scheduled training date.

Late payment of full and final payments will result in a 10% interest charge and/or potential loss of place.

If available, you may transfer to a future course should there be spaces available.