Creating a team brand using strengths at MyelomaUK.



“ThinkEQ really brought out the ambition in the team and helped them to understand all the ways in which they could work collectively and individually to achieve that.”

About Us

ThinkEQ is a UK based executive coaching, coach training and centre for strengths and emotional intelligence. We work predominantly with organisations to help develop and empower workplaces that lead to tangible results and meaningful, measurable business results.

Client Expectations

Myeloma UK approached ThinkEQ looking for a staff development programme that would enable their team to consider their working relationships with each other as a fluid dynamic and not a static statement.

Our Approach

At ThinkEQ, our approach is always a collaborative one, looking at your current position with a view of where you want to be. We seek to ensure that our approach fits the organisational aims and values and that the tools used can measure impact.

Following a consultation with Myeloma UK, ThinkEQ suggested a programme of learning focused on strengths. Strengths within the individual, as well as strengths in a team context. We offered online strengths learning linked to the Strengths Profile tool. Learners used their report to acquire more depth and understanding as to what their realised strengths are, unrealised strengths and where they could use these more. We also worked with them to explore learned behaviours – those that exhaust and drain an individual and weaknesses, all with the purpose of dialling down these tasks or in partnering with individuals for whom these are strengths.

We delivered a strengths workshop bringing together the whole team to explore strengths at the aggregate team level. Team managers were able to see the pain points for staff and work through solutions. We worked with the team to create a team ‘brand’ and associated behaviours.

Finally, we evaluated the learning experience and asked learners how they would apply the strengths report in their roles. We documented this and put it into an action plan for the team.

Return on Expectation

“The team managers are integrating the strengths reports into their KPIs, appraisals and team meetings. What is good is that team have picked this up and moved it forward, not me”.