Hood Article

Unlocking your Motivation

When Sunday night rolls around, how do you feel? Ready to take on the week?

Chances are, probably not. This dreaded feeling of the “Sunday blues”, however, is only amplified upon return from a holiday, where the worry of your inbox looms heavy, and the sun lounger proves a distant memory. Well, rest assured, you’re not alone. Research shows that 62% of us regularly experience “Sunday blues”.

According to Monster Recruitment research, this can lead to acute anxiety, deeper/rooted depression and can even induce panic attacks. At best, you might experience a restless sleep that alone means low energy and a serious lack of motivation by the time you reach your desk. So, rather than focus on why we feel like this, let’s think about the other 38% and why they don’t experience it. They must have better jobs, right? Actually no. this feeling of impending doom is very rarely linked to the role itself, its more how we perceive it and manage ourselves. This is where self-actualisation comes in. while this term can sound a little lofty, at its core it means being where you want to be in life, or certainly on a path that will lead you there. It encompasses two things. Loving what you do, and having a well-rounded life. This might seem like a tall order, but break it down and focus on these five things to help make your work and personal life more fulfilling.

Remember your “Why”

It is rarely that money is the sole motivator for us. What drew you initially to your job? What did you love about it then? Is the role still the same? Revisiting your original motivations will help you determine whether you’re still on the right course.

Plan Positively

Identify the parts of the week you look forward to most. Carve out time for them in your calendar, and fill the negative space between with engaging tasks that’ll help the time fly by. Setting aside time to do parts of your job or housework that you don’t like will provide more structure, which leads to a more fulfilling balance.

Bestow Balance

Being truly in the moment is a tough task for most of us, but by creating strict boundaries for yourself, you’ll stop our life from becoming a blur. Leave the office politics at the door, and stop checking your emails on a Sunday night because when has that ever made Monday morning easier? Take the time to enjoy the things that light you up and it could well help you love the other parts of your life more, too.

Create short term Goals

We can split goals into two types results orientated and action orientated. If we focus on a results goal, it can feel incredibly far off. An action goal is more specific it’s a milestone on the road to a results goal. This could be making a successful initial pitch, or positively connecting with a potential client. By acknowledging your wins along the way, your motivation will skyrocket.

Be Grateful

I was raised to count my blessings and it now has scientific clout positive psychology has found that finding three reasons to be grateful each day boosts your mental wellbeing. I do this each evening before bed with my children, and it’s proving to be a good practise for us all.

In my 11 years of coaching, I’ve seen many people struggle with self-actualisation and the misinterpretation that it means finding your sole purpose in life. That is a huge task and feels overwhelming. Breaking if down to finding what you love doing now is key to truly living your lives to the fullest. I will be pretty happy if I can look back and believe I did this.