Your managers are the glue that hold the organisation together.

Managers play a critical role in your organisation. Great managers will foster a coaching culture in your organisation, helping to drive an EQ ethos through the business. And yet, managers are often created when an employee is promoted for their technical skills and performance – not necessarily for their management abilities. Employees that don’t have experience of ‘managing’ can feel overwhelmed by the prospect. We believe emotional intelligence is the key to unlocking successful management.

Making or breaking the team experience.

Having the emotional intelligence to successfully direct a team requires understanding and practice. EQ Coaching for Managers will empower your staff to comprehend, manage and develop their teams in a way that adds tangible value to your business.

Using empathy to understand, empower and motivate.

For a manager, understanding their own strengths and their team’s strengths will unlock improved performance. Think EQ’s Coaching for Managers’ will reveal the traits your employees easily deploy, those that may require development and how to manage both.

Maximising team performance.

Turning managers into coaching champions will help enshrine EQ principles into your business, generating more constructive and collaborative relationships and a more productive team.

Emotional Intelligence accounts for nearly 90% of what moves people up the ladder.

What Makes a Leader, Harvard Business Review

Programme Options

EQ coaching for managers

Our professional coaching team and the Think EQ portfolio of EQ coaching tools and techniques will build manager confidence, optimism and resilience. Coaching inspires and empowers managers in their personal and professional endeavours.

1:1 or group coaching

Professional Coaching

Coaching is a life changing technique which seeks to move its users forward to achieve goals; personal or professional. At ThinkEQ, we typically adopt a six-session approach to the coaching process, enabling you to move forward to achieve your goals in a relatively short space of time.

To support you in your coaching journey, and where appropriate, we will use diagnostic tools such as the EQ-i 2.0 to determine your emotional intelligence levels at a start and end point, providing you with in-depth analysis of areas of EI that you excel in, and areas where you can develop. We also use the Strengths Profile to explore what you love to do and what exhausts you.

Our experienced team of professional coaches come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are described by clients as warm and empathetic as well as supportive and challenging. They have a common trait – they want you to succeed.

Group Workshop

Coaching Skills for Managers

A key skill for a manager is to empower and engage their team. For some, this will come naturally but for many this is new. Our ‘Coaching Skills for Managers’ workshop provides a space for reflection to identify your current management style,  introducing participants to the coaching mindset to enable them to create a empathetic management style. The workshop will provide training on coaching skills as well as how to have meaningful development conversations to get the best from your team. It will also provide time and space to reflect on your own development as a people manager.

1:1 coaching

EQi 360

The EQ 360 is a multi-rater measure of emotional intelligence designed to provide the participant with a complete “360-degree” view of their emotional and social functioning. Our 360 programme is carried out on a 1:1 basis with a self assessment and 1:1 coaching debrief using the EQ-i2.0 report. This session will allow space for personal development before we begin the process of eliciting feedback from direct reports, line manager, peers, clients and even family and friends, if requested. Following the 1:1 coaching debrief, the participant will meet with their coach a second and final time to review the 360 report, discuss allied strengths, agree areas for development and examine any blind spots.

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From fledgling employees to experienced leaders, Think EQ offers ongoing, sustainable and measurable EQ coaching to create highly effective teams and better business results. Please get in touch discuss how we could help your business to achieve more