Emotionally effective leaders have more successful teams.

Results clearly indicate that leaders who demonstrate a more ‘coaching’ leadership style, enjoy more productive and effective teams. EQ Coaching for Leaders will develop the emotional intelligence needed to generate sustained organisational success.

Understanding and managing your own emotions as a leader.

EQ Coaching for Leaders will improve the participant’s understanding of their own emotional intelligence. Reflecting on their personal EI attributes and identifying areas for development, EQ coaching will help employees to develop and enhance their personal effectiveness and their leadership skills.

Understanding and inspiring your team members.

Mastering emotional intelligence will provide significant advantages in leading an organisation. From staff recruitment and retention, to better understanding how to get the best from current employees, emotional intelligence techniques will help leaders to unleash a high performing, supremely motivated workforce.

The power of a coaching mindset in bringing about real change.

The development of EQ Coaching Leaders within an organisation can cause a shift in the way a business functions. When employees feel valued, supported and nurtured, they are more engaged in the business.

Organisations that value and widely use Emotional Intelligence are 3.2x more effective at leadership development.

Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: The Keys to Driving ROl and Organizational Performance
Human Capital Institute

Programme Options

EQ Coaching for Leaders

Understanding how to leverage the individual and collective strengths of an organisation can open opportunities for growth. Think EQ’s coaching for leaders can unlock the power of a leadership team and through our suite of programmes and workshops.


Executive Coaching

Coaching is a life changing technique which seeks to move the user forward to achieve goals; personal or professional. At ThinkEQ, we typically adopt a six-session approach to the coaching process, enabling you to move forward to achieve your goals in a relatively short space of time.

To support you in your coaching journey, and where appropriate, we will use diagnostic tools such as the EQ-i 2.0 to determine your emotional intelligence levels at a start and end point, providing you with in-depth analysis of areas of EI that you excel in, and areas where you can develop. We also use the Strengths Profile to explore what you love to do and what exhausts you.

With leaders, we can go one step further towards providing an enhanced development experience by interviewing key stakeholders such as board members/trustees and/or senior managers or HR to get their 360 feedback. 

Our experienced team of professional coaches come from a variety of professional backgrounds and are described by clients as warm and empathetic as well as supportive and challenging. They have a common trait – they want you to succeed.


EQ Leader as a Coach

Think EQ’s ‘EQ Leader as Coach’ programme is designed to support business leaders to develop an understanding of their own emotional intelligence attributes and discover how to leverage these to become coaching leaders. The programme includes:

  • Emotional intelligence assessments
  • Online learning
  • Classroom sessions to rehearse practical skills
  • Situational coaching models for real-world application
  • Learning from other leaders
  • A bespoke development plan
  • A final assignment

The programme is delivered by an accredited coach trainer and EQ practitioner.

Group Workshop

The Emotionally Effective Leader

In this one-day workshop, we look at emotional intelligence competencies through a leadership lens. We explore multiple themes including self-expression, interpersonal strengths and stress management. The workshop will helps participants to identify the strengths they wish to amplify and note any traits that could derail you as a leader. The output is a detailed and bespoke action and development plan, enabling the individual to hone their leadership skills using emotional intelligence.  

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From fledgling employees to experienced leaders, Think EQ offers ongoing, sustainable and measurable EQ coaching to create highly effective teams and better business results. Please get in touch discuss how we could help your business to achieve more