Our professional coaching is energising, challenging and delivers profound impact.

Working with you, Think EQ will crystalise your goals and construct an emotional intelligence coaching programme to suit your organisation. We challenge the status quo and deliver practical, actionable plans that work for your business. We set clear expectations and provide you with tools to measure coaching impact.

Think EQ’s highly skilled coaches come from a range of professional environments, and are all perfectly matched to your individuals to ensure the right ‘fit’. This private coaching relationship is so important in ensuring the experience is authentic, personal and energising!

Our flexible coaching programmes can be delivered either online or in-person.

Think EQ works with all types and size of business, delivering professional coaching both in person, and online using our online platform or a system of your choosing.

Working with your business, we define personal and organisational goals. We then build scalable, fully managed professional coaching packages, using a suite of development tools to measure impact. The resulting programme is specifically created to help embed behavioural and organisational change within your business.


Measuring Success

  • Stress levels will fall
  • Productivity and performance will increase
  • Relationships within the team will become stronger
  • Communication and collaboration will improve
  • The workplace will be happier and healthier
  • Talent attraction and retention will increase

5 Steps to becoming an emotionally effective company.

To get the best, lasting results, we provide a fully managed service. We will partner with you and take on the responsibility for creating and delivering a highly successful coaching programme – and embedding a lasting culture of emotional effectiveness within the business.


  • Establish your business goal and current environment
  • Describe the challenges your business faces


  • Bespoke proposal for your coaching programme to create an emotionally effective workplace
  • Agreement of reporting metrics and approval to start

Coaching Programme Roll out

  • Project plan agreed
  • Fully managed emotional intelligence coaching programme

Impact Reporting & Development

  • Report on programme results at agreed intervals
  • Highlight identified themes

Building a Sustainable Plan

  • Use programme learnings to create an expansion plan and address identified themes
  • Embed emotional effectiveness into the business culture

93% of employees became more productive after the facility adopted stress reduction and emotional intelligence programs.

Motorolla Manufacturing Plant Study
SHRM, Dinah Brin


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