Building an emotionally effective company.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of people around you. In a modern workplace, emotional intelligence is a powerful tool for personal and professional advancement. Organisations that widely use and value emotional intelligence are three times more effective.

We work with your organisation to get to know you, your strengths and your challenges. We can then unlock potential and develop a clear path to high energy and performance.

Programmes which energise and empower.

Working with Think EQ could be the most inspiring and influential thing you do to boost team bonding and build business growth. Recruitment and retention of talent has never been more important, or more challenging. It is therefore imperative to nurture a healthy, happy and successful team culture.

Our Think EQ coaching is enjoyable, challenging and energising. It will galvanise and empower your teams, helping them to communicate, manage conflict and make better decisions. Ultimately, the benefits of EQ coaching can be seen in your business’s reputation, both internally and externally.


What our clients say

French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, focused on the emotional intelligence of its sales force, which boosted annual performance by 12%.

Sales Performance Through Emotional Intelligence Development
S. Jennings and B.R. Palmer

Programme Options

Team Programmes

Understanding how to leverage the individual and collective strengths of an organisation can open opportunities for growth. Think EQ’s team programmes can unlock the power of a ALL team and through our suite of programmes and workshops.


Team Strengths

Our programme is for teams who want to discover their own and their team’s strengths. Looking at how to optimise the realised strengths, support each others learned behaviours and find opportunity to use their unrealised strengths the group report provides an anonymised review of the whole team, and strategies for a more energised team who understand and support each others. This brings together either new or existing teams and is a positive and dynamic way to bring a team of any size.

Group Workshop

Curious Conversations

Our Curious Conversation Course focuses on how to find coachable moments into the workplace, and how to flex your management style to make the most of these moments to empower your team to perform. Teaching you coaching skills and the power of the coaching mindset, will enable you to identify when and how to coach dependant on the individual.

1:1 or Group Coaching

Building Emotionally Effective Teams

Our programme start with individual team awareness sessions using our EQ-i2.0 reports. This can be done on a 1:1 basis, or as part of a workshop as we look to develop individual development plans. Following on from the individual plans we bring your team together to discuss the connection between EI and Team Performance and to consider how they can support and develop each other to find your competitive edge.

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From fledgling employees to experienced leaders, Think EQ offers ongoing, sustainable and measurable EQ coaching to create highly effective teams and better business results. Please get in touch discuss how we could help your business to achieve more